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Our systems are designed to meet our Jamaica client's individual security needs.


Camera & Video Surveillance

Jamaican Video Survellience Systems

Video Camera Networks are installed and serviced for commercial and industrial customers. We also offer Total Connect Cameras that can be connected up to your security system and viewed over any internet connected device such as your smart phone.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a camera to protect your facilities. Things to consider when selecting a camera include, is the camera going to be installed on the interior or exterior of your facility, the type of camera and whether or not it is going to be conspicuous or concealed, the field of view, the resolution of the camera and the type of lighting where the camera will be used.

Please visit our Contact Us page for more information on actual comparisons Hidden Security Camera Installations of a camera's many features.

IP Cameras

WEB based camera Servers can be accessed using a standard Web Browser across the Internet or across your Intranet. The units can be singular cameras or camera servers that can access multiple cameras.

Security Cameras & Camera Systems

Security Cameras and Camera systems are installed and serviced for commercial and industrial customers.

Sitewatch Electronic Security, Jamaica offers Black and White Security Cameras, as well as Color Camera systems, and interior or exterior systems which are installed either installed conspicuously or completely concealed.

Commercial Video Monotering SystemsCCTV Camera Systems

Live video can be viewed over the internet and from anywhere on a computer network due to the development of Network IP Cameras, the outcome of a technological shift from analog Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to IP (internet protocol) based CCTV.

Analog CCTV required analog cameras, coaxial cable and video recorders. Shortly before the advent of Network IP Cameras, the older technology became increasingly digitized as Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) were connected to the analog cameras and PCs were used for image display. Now Network IP Cameras eliminate coaxial cable networks by being directly connected to existing IP networks or having IP networks installed to specifically handle the video.

Commercial Video Monotering SystemsWith a completely digital system, all users need is a Web browser to manage cameras and view images and network cameras to record video signals.

For those who prefer to maximize their previous investments to analog cameras, devices called Video Servers can be installed that digitize signals from the existing analog cameras and serve them onto the IP network. This allows the existing analog cameras to operate as networked IP Cameras.

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