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Our systems are designed to meet our Jamaica client's individual security needs.


Jamaica Fire Alarm Sales & Installation

Sitewatch Electronic Security installs, services, tests, and monitors Fire Alarm Systems for residential, commercial, and industrial customers across Jamaica. We offer monitoring and supervision of sprinkler systems, as well as state inspections and more. We are also able to test smoke detector sensitivity.

Commercial Fire Control Panels

Sitewatch Electronic Security offers a wide variety of fire alarm panels for simple 4 zone panels to large addressable systems.

The fire alarm system control panel is your hub for controlling your entire fire system. The fire alarm panel is capable of detecting smoke, heat and water flow from sprinkler systems, and other equipment.

Property owners (households and offices) invest a lot more in fire security and prevention than in thievery.

Self Diagnosing Smoke Detectors

Self Diagnosing Smoke Detectors have a "clean-me" function, meaning they are self-diagnostic and will indicate if the detector is collecting dust or dirt. These new models also feature a more sophisticated, integrated heat sensor. The heat sensor works with the photo chamber to detect fires faster.

Horn Strobes

Horn strobes are used for notification that a fire alarm has been activated. We offer many units to match our clients needs.

Synchronized Strobes

Synchronized strobes are used when more than one strobe can be directly seen from one location. By synchronizing the strobes, all strobes in one area flash together to prevent the combined flash rate from being too quick. Flash rates faster than one flash a second can cause medical problems for susceptible occupants.

Pull Stations

Pull stations are used for manual activation of a fire alarm. Sitewatch offers Jamaican, Island Wide Fire Alarm Services for ALL financial budgets.

Surveillance Cameras

Alarm Access Keypad

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