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Finding an attendance system, whether it's magnetic swipe cards or biometric attendance management, can be a bit of a challenge if you don't know the lingo. Understanding basic swipe systems can help you make a more informed decision.

Time and attendance can be handled with magnetic or barcode strip cards, or with simple computerized attendance. Other swipe card options have turned from swiping cards to actually swiping a person's image or image of an individual's specific characteristics. Get a basic understanding of the swipe card terminology as a starting point.
The magnetic swipe card is a basic time and attendance keeper where each employee gets a 'credit card' with a barcode specifically set to his or her account. The employee simply swipes the card through the time clock when he or she starts and ends his or her shift.

The bar code swipe card works along the same lines as the magnetic strip card, except there is a specific barcode assigned to each employee. That barcode can be used to sort and maintain payroll.

Buddy punching
Buddy punching, while it may seem incidental, can cost companies thousands of dollars a pay cycle. Buddy punching is when employee helps out a 'buddy' by punching him or her in even though he or she is not actually there to work.

Web Clocking
Web, or computer, clocking is used often in office settings with employees who are at their desks for a majority of their day. It can also be used kiosk-style for other types of workers. The clocking takes place via web browser and can work well for remote offices and home office workers.

Remote clocking
Remote clocking is a time card solution for employees clocking in wherever they may be working from-an airplane, a taxi cab or even at home. Employees clock in using a mobile phone, PDA or other mobile device.

Biometrics is a new-age way of taking attendance in the workplace. Use fingerprints, voice identification or even eye scans to clock workers in and out. Using biometrics eliminates buddy punching and other problems with traditional time card systems because the system reads the employees specific identification.

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