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Our systems are designed to meet our Jamaica client's individual security needs.


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Touch pads

Sitewatch Security Systems Jamaica offers a variety of Touch pads. You can control your system from one or more locations. Multiple users can operate the system using individual codes. Our commercial systems can have thousands of different codes controlling hundreds of sensors.

Magnetic Contacts

34% of burglars manage to get in through the front door and 22% come through the back door. To protect your doors, Dial One will probably use magnetic contacts. These devices are also a great choice for the windows in your house.

Motion Detectors

Motion Detectors detect movement in your home or business. What you may not know is that if you are an animal lover, it is still possible to include this product in your home. In fact, we offer motion detectors that can tell the difference between a crawling intruder and an animal that weighs up to 70lbs.

Glass Break Detectors

Glass break detectors detect the sound of breaking glass. Each unit has a limited range and for full coverage one than one unit may be required. We even offer glass break detectors that are directional which can be used in occupied spaces.

Flood Detectors

Flood or moisture detectors can be added to low spots in a basement or in or near sump pumps. Some homes in the Cincinnati Area have sewer lift stations in the homes to pump sewage from a lower level to the height of the street sewer lines. Detecting early failure of sewer lift stations is critical. Sitewatch Security Systems Jamaica can provide these sensors.

Temperature Detectors

High and Low temperature Detectors can be installed to detect incorrect operation of virtually any heating or cooling system. Low temperature detectors can help prevent freezing pipes in the winter and high temperature detectors can detect cooler and freezer failures.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors can be added to a system. Every home should have Carbon Monoxide Detectors to detect a blockage of a gas vent pipe.

Key Fobs

A key fob is a keyless entry device, made extremely popular in recent years for use in cars. You can now add a key fob to your security system for quick entry and added features.

The key fob has four buttons, and can be programmed to perform a variety of functions at the convenient touch of a button, including:

  • Arming and disarming the security alarm .
  • Opening the garage door.
  • Turning on interior and exterior lights.

Sitewatch Security Systems Jamaica encourages customers to be cautious when using a key fob to operate a security system. Key fobs are not password protected, so anyone who gains access to the device can control the security system.

X-10 Interfaces

X-10 interfaces can be added to any of our systems to allow the alarm system to control lights and other devices.

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